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"Simply inspiring.  For years, I ran on a treadmill and lifted free weights with no meaningful driving force other than an acknowledgment of the importance of exercise and fitness in a healthy lifestyle.  In November 2012, I met Elle and took my first yoga class in about 6 years.  Every class since, she has taught me something about myself.  With her alignment based instruction and innovative teaching style, my yoga practice has evolved into one that I crave daily.  I have known very few people capable of guiding, much less inspiring, others to live a healthy lifestyle, to succeed in physical fitness, to actively evoke positivity in your daily encounters and to be honest with yourself and your capabilities.  I still enjoy my treadmill runs and free weights - those too have value but they are tedious as a daily means of exercise - and all they ever offered me was exercise.  Thanks to Ellena's teachings, my daily yoga practice fulfills me completely - physically, spiritually and mentally.  And the best part is there is still so much she can teach me!  Come join us at hOMe!"

-Carolyn Rualo, Lawyer and Student



"I was diagnosed with a very serious illness in January 2013.  I went through an eight hour operation, had eighteen straight weeks of chemotherapy and then a second two hour procedure just one month to the day after my treatments stopped.   
A friend of mine invited me to one of Ellena's yoga classes at Retro fitness.   The classes I grew to love and looked forward to each Monday and Tuesday made a world of difference in my healing.   She gave me tips to relax my body and build up my strength.   Around the time of my last three treatments, I felt pretty weak and my normal yoga positions in class became almost too challenging.  Ellena would discreetly come by my side and switch me to restorative positions.   I have since signed up for private lessons.   Now that my treatments are over and my health has been restored, Ellena continues to help me build strength and stamina but also helps relax my mind and live my life to the fullest.  I have also help to incorporate yoga in the classroom I currently work in with young multiple disabled children.  
Ellena is a flexible girl with a big heart and the knowledge to help anyone in any level benefit from yoga <3."

-Annarose Guarnieri, Student and Teacher




'It is with great pride that I recommend Elle Yoga. Elle has great enthusiasm for life and is filled with a positive energy that draws others to her and makes you want to practice Yoga. She is extremely knowledgable about her craft and uses terms that even a novice can understand. Elle challenges her students yet we feel safe and empowered. I am proud to be one of her students. As an educator I was fortunate to have Elle speak to my students and introduced them to Yoga. She was patient, prepared and relatable. Months later my students ask when she's coming back. Thanks to Elle's teachings I see the benefit of my practice in my everyday life. We challenge our bodies, our minds and our spirits.

Elle is a phenomenal instructor and everyone can benefit from Elle Yoga. '

-Alex Orloff, English Teacher at Gaynor McCown Expeditionary Learning School in SI



"Elle Yoga has helped this injured runner get her body back on track in a short amount of time."

-Nicole Corre, 5 Time Marathon Athlete



"A good teacher will help you to learn the subject they are teaching you. A great teacher will inspire you to not only learn but feel what they are teaching you because they live and love what they teach everyday. I did not know what to expect from the 'Transform in Ten' program at Elle Yoga but it has truly rejuvenated my body and mind in a profound way. I have not finished a session feeling anything but truly happy. Transforming is a lofty goal and yoga has become a very important method on that path for me because I chose the right teacher."

- Joe Skelly, Retired




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