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Young Living Essential Oils

What Are Essential Oils? ...


For thousands of years essential oils have been used medicinally, aromatically, and spiritually. For example, they are mentioned 200 times throughout the Bible.

Essential oils are natural, botanical extracts of various plant materials such as berries, seeds, bark, wood, leaves, flowers, peel, and root.

The essential oils are extracted from the plant material using a variety of extraction methods best suited for that particular plant material. The liquid extracted is highly aromatic and concentrated. Fun fact: one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 8 cups of peppermint tea! And it takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce one pound of rose essential oil.

Essential oils differ from other oils (fatty oils such as olive, coconut, sesame seed, etc.) in that they are volatile and evaporate when left open. Another huge distinction is that essential oils have therapeutic properties that are used to promote health and well-being. 




... Why You Need To Know The Quality Of Essential Oils ...


Making sure that the essential oils you use are pure, therapeutic grade is important because a majority of the oils on the market are actually 'fragrance oils' for aromatic use only, or contain chemicals and adulterants that may be harmful to the body.

Essential oils, even those found in the health food store, will often have a label stating its 100% pure, organic, therapeutic grade etc. However, to call something a 100% pure essential oil, a manufacturer only needs to put 5% of that compound in the oil. The rest can be fillers, chemicals, perfumes, etc. Even if it was synthesized in the lab to meet those compound requirements, it can still be called 100% pure!

The only essential oils I use are the ones from Young Living. They own and operate farms around the world. Their oils are not synthesized in a lab. To be medicinal-grade as opposed to just fragrant, essential oils have to be grown, harvested, distilled, and bottled in a certain way. Young Living is very vigilant about every step of the production process and they test every single batch of oils before they are brought to market.

The essential oils from Young Living that are used internally all have an FDA food/supplement label on them, designating them as food-grade essential oils. 



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